Binary Trading Options sounds easy because of its simple trading steps where a trader bets on an asset, sets up an expiry time and waits for the outcome. But the simple definition of the trading system is not enough to earn money. A risky trading affected by hourly ups and downs of market, Binary Trading Options is not hundred percent safe in terms of returns. A wrong decision can make you lose the bet. Here we give you a basic introduction to the trading and things you must know.

Chapters on basics of Binary Trading given below aim to assist you with your general questions:

Chapter 1: What is Binary option?

Chapter 2: How it works?

Chapter 3: Glossary

Chapter 4: Types of bet

Chapter 5: Reasons to Trade Binary Options

Chapter 6: 60 second binary option

Chapter 7: Understanding Markets and Assets to Trade on Binary Options

Chapter 8: Forex vs Binary Options

Chapter 9: Index Trading

Chapter 10: Stocks trading with Binary Options

Chapter 11: Binary Options Strategies

Chapter 12: Binary Options Account Payment Methods

Chapter 13: How to find right Binary Options Broker?

Chapter 14:  What makes free demo accounts a better strategy?

Chapter 15:  Pairs Trading

Chapter 16:  Binary Options Trading Pitfalls

Chapter 17:  What are Binary Signals?

Chapter 18: How One Touch Binary Options can make you money?

Chapter 19: Basic Binary Options Trading Strategies for Starters

Chapter 20: Rollover Trading

Chapter 21: What is an Expiry Time

Chapter 22: About Demo Trading Accounts and Benefits